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Unique World Education lays a strong foundation of STEM and Robotics among young schoolers and professionals through its Robotics Division. At Unique Robotics Education we can experience, explore and experiment on Robotics and Related domains.

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University Futuristic Workshops

IoT workshop in dubai, uae
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Futuristic Workshops

The number of AI-related job opportunities out ranked the number of searches for AI engineer jobs. With increasing opportunities and using Artificial Intelligence and related domains in each sphere of life,the learning of this technology is more beneficial than we all think. With the future being all about Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, UWR Workshop can be applied across all fields of engineering and business.

The program includes various concepts of Robotics, Electronics, Artificial Intelligence(AI), Robotic Automation Process (RPA), Internet of Things(IoT) and more.

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Flutter workshop in dubai, uae
Flutter workshop in dubai, uae

University futuristic workshops in Dubai

University futuristic workshops in uae

Robotics and artificial intelligence workshop in dubai

Robotics and artificial intelligence workshop in uae

IoT workshop in dubai

IoT workshop in uae

RPA workshop in dubai

RPA workshop in UAE

flutter workshop in Dubai

flutter workshop in UAE

University futuristic workshops in Dubai | Robotics and artificial intelligence workshop, IoT workshop, RPA workshop, flutter workshop in Dubai, UAE - Unique World Education Robotics