About Us

Unique World Education lays a strong foundation of STEM and Robotics among young schoolers and professionals through its Robotics Division. At Unique Robotics Education we can experience, explore and experiment on Robotics and Related domains.

Contact Info

  • Hamsah A Building, Al Karama, Dubai
  • +971 56 631 2121
  • robotics@uniqueworldedu.com
  • Sat - Thu: 08.00 AM to 07.00 PM
    Fri: 10.30 AM to 07.00 PM

Middle School ages (9 – 11)

Certified Courses

Middle School ages (9-11)

Beginner Level
  • Robotics: Introduction, Application & Evolution
  • Electronics: Concepts, Wireless Modules, Components & Hand on Experiments
  • Mobile Robots: Assembly with different mechanics, Robot mobility, Robot Coding
  • Microcontrollers: Introduction, Programming using Arduiblock
  • Mechanical: Construction, Coding with Sensors
  • 3D Printing: Usage, Working, Various 3D Models
Intermediate Level
  • Programming: Learn Complex Circuits, Programming
  • Mechanical: BOT Construction, Coding with Multiple Sensors
  • Android: Application Development
  • Electronics: Advanced Electronic Circuits, Sensors, Motors &
    Hands-on experiments
Advanced - Project - Based Learning
  • Project One: In-House, Hands-on
  • Project Two: Take Away, Hands-on

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