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Unique World Education lays a strong foundation of STEM and Robotics among young schoolers and professionals through its Robotics Division. At Unique Robotics Education we can experience, explore and experiment on Robotics and Related domains.

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Our Services

Our Services

Teach, Learn & Grow

STEM Robotic Lab

What better way to introduce students to Robotics than with a fully functional Robotic lab and real Robots?. Our crew will set up a lab in your institution and provide experts to train your faculty on the subject and functioning of the lab. An Inhouse Robotic Lab will enable your institution to promote activity-based learning and in turn help students get an insight into Robotics and its exciting future prospects.

STEM Robotic Training

While more education boards across the world are preparing to include Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to their syllabus, the lack of trained teachers poses a great challenge to its implementation. Our Teacher Training Program is designed to address this issue and provide an opportunity for teachers everywhere, to get a thorough grip on the subjects. Just like students, teachers need to be Future Ready too.

AR/ VR Experiences

AR & VR has pushed the world to rewrite the definition of engagement. It enables businesses and service providers to stand out in the market by providing them with a means to impact their customers by delivering a memorable experience. We at Unique, specialize in conceptualizing, designing and executing AR/VR experiences for clients from various fields, ranging from Entertainment to the Medical Industry. We also provide highly entertaining AR/VR Interactive Experience shows.

STEM & Robotic Extracurricular Activity

We are keen to introduce STEM & Robotics to schools in various forms. The schools which cannot set up labs can choose the option of implementing this future technological advancement as an extracurricular activity.

STEM & Advanced Robotics Workshops

We believe that it is essential to introduce students to the field of Robotics from an early stage. In fact, this is already the case in many foreign countries. Students are introduced to Robotics, AI, ML and all such technical domains during their schooling years itself, making a world of a difference to the choices they make in the future. We aim to do the same here in Unique.

We have been organizing summer camps and workshops in schools and other institutions, where through interaction with industry professionals and real Robots, we kindle an interest in young minds.

Unique Robotic Experience Tour & Exhibition

Schools and Colleges, who are not looking to set up an in-house lab could always opt to take their students on a tour of our Robotic Academy or can conduct a Robotic Exhibition in their premises. Thus allowing them an opportunity to have one on one interactions with professionals from the field and also with Real Robots. It is an engaging, fun and informative experience, that’ll kindle a fire in students to learn more about the field.

Unique Holiday Robotic Camps

Fun. Immersive. Hands-on training sessions. During the course of the camp, students will be introduced to Robotics and its various aspects by our professionals through supervised interactions with Real Robots. The idea of the camp is to kindle interest for Robotics in young minds and expose them to technology, career opportunities and prospects of the field. Besides, what better way to spend your holidays than playing with real life Robots?

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