Game changers in IT industry

Doing the same kind of tasks over again and again makes our life boring. Thus, Automation augments humans and helps in performing repetitive tasks automatically, thus replacing the human workforce and can transform those individuals into some productive tasks. As quoted by Eliyahu Goldratt, “Automation is good, so long as you know exactly where to […]


Robots earned their place in academia thanks to people like Nils Nilsson. By today’s standards, Nilsson’s early work — a top-heavy robot called “SHAKEY” — is fairly primitive. Nilsson, who passed away in April 2019, nevertheless helped cement the idea that robotics will always inspire widespread interest and will always have a place in the […]

Will AI replace Human Intelligence?

Today, Artificial Intelligence plays a big role in technology industries and innovative competitions. Most newly made products and intelligence system comprise AI that marks remarkable revolutionary changes in the day-to-day life activities of modern generations. Countries like Japan use Artificial Intelligence to help prevent traffic congestions in tourist hotspots. According to William Chernicoff, head of […]