Will AI replace Human Intelligence?

Today, Artificial Intelligence plays a big role in technology industries and innovative competitions. Most newly made products and intelligence system comprise AI that marks remarkable revolutionary changes in the day-to-day life activities of modern generations. Countries like Japan use Artificial Intelligence to help prevent traffic congestions in tourist hotspots. According to William Chernicoff, head of research and innovation at the Toyota Mobility Foundation, with deep machine learning, predictability can be improved which will be an advantage and make faster and smart decisions on signal timing, suggested routing to system users and capacity allocation for the Traffic Mobility Operators. AI has brought solutions for being stuck in frustrating queues on busy roads that eat up their hours, reducing the time they have to do something worthwhile.

Humans have been superseded by Artificial Intelligence in most of countries, which has created a great disadvantage for getting employment opportunities. But does this mean people have really lost their job fortune? Let’s check in the business perspective when it comes to using AI in business, it’s important to interact with people in a way that’s authentic. The human learns from experience and other people, so does AI updates its data over time. However, it takes a huge effort in collecting and storing all those data and will be limited to a certain set of questions, options and commands. Looking at the common scenario, a person’s questions may fall outside of this limited stretch of options and lead to poor customer experience, leaving people frustrated and unhappy. These systems require mountains of relevant data in order to truly understand complex human dialogue and a highly sophisticated AI engine in order to extract contextual meaning from the data.
Though people have been talking and conjecturing about AI, in reality, it is still in its infancy. AI is being used today in ways that show tremendous promise, but, like talented new employees, AI needs people to learn from. Machine learning is the backbone of AI, the technique that gives it the ability to learn from experience and the data that experience generates. As per the chairman emeritus and co-founder of Infosys, so much about AI has been spoken but it is not the ultimate thing. No computer can do one thing that human can do, which is defining a goal. Humans will continue to be relevant as long as they use their brains to define aspirational goals and new ways of doing things.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Author : Ahmed Nawal Shameem

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