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Unique World Education lays a strong foundation of STEM and Robotics among young schoolers and professionals through its Robotics Division. At Unique Robotics Education we can experience, explore and experiment on Robotics and Related domains.

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Certified Courses

Age 15+ Years

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand the concepts of voltage, resistance and current
  • Ohm's law and its application
  • Types of connection and related flow of current
  • Study of electronics tools like multimeter & power supply
  • Use of switch and its various configurations
  • Understand capacitors, charging and discharging
  • Understand IR sensor and its applications
  • Working of a diode
  • Study of transistor acting as a switch and its classifications
  • Inverting circuit using Transistor
  • Modulation of sound using buzzer
Learning Outcomes:
  • Study of combinational circuit & puzzled game
  • Types of variable resistor and voltage divider circuit
  • Understand the functions of coil & relation of magnetic field with electronics
  • Understand motor control circuit with transistor & switch
  • Understand motor control with integrated circuits
  • Functional use of numeric display and control circuit
  • Understand LED pattern with basic 555 IC
  • Mathematical calculation for value of resistor and capacitor for time
  • Study of set & reset device using bistable mode
  • Study of wave pattern with differential time generation
Learning Outcomes:
  • Understanding text-based coding to program electronic circuits
  • Learn multiple component mapping and making them blink automatically with delay
  • Program numeric display with understanding of multiple line program
  • Learn about digital input to control LED
  • Use of libraries and functional definitions
  • Understand the concept of IR rays for detection of moving bodies
  • Learn calibration of intensity using input signals from manual control mode
  • Conditional and logical programming
Learning Outcomes:
  • Learn to control the light intensity
  • Mapping different values to produce tone
  • Understand the working of diplays to view the output
  • Use of sound frequency to detect obstacles
  • Study of temperature sensor
  • Understanding the orientation or inclination of an object to control the output
  • Speed and direction control of motor using integrated circuit
  • Control the position of motor using pulsed input method
Learning Outcomes:
  • Intro on Python, IDLE installation, print and input
  • Python syntax, variables, Python data types
  • Python numbers, castings and string
  • Python booleans and operators
  • Python list, tuples and sets
  • Python dictionaries, IF ELSE, while loop, FOR loop and statements
  • Python functions, Lambda functions, arrays, class and objects
  • Python inheritance, iterators and scope
  • Python modules, date and JSON
  • Python file operations like OPEN, READ, WRITE, DELETE and CREATE
Learning Outcomes:
  • NumPy Intro and overview on basics of Python
  • Getting Started with NumPy, creating NumPy arrays and NumPy array indexing
  • NumPy array slicing, data types and copy vs view
  • NumPy array shapes and array reshape
  • NumPy array iterating, array join and array split
  • NumPy array search, array sort and array filter
  • NumPy random, data distribution, random permutation, Seaborne module, normal distribution
  • Binominal distribution, Poisson distribution, Uniform distribution, Logistic distribution, Multinomial distribution and Exponential distribution
  • Chi-Square distribution, Rayleigh distribution, Pareto distribution and Zipf distribution
  • Projects using NumPy and certification exam
Learning Outcomes:
  • Fundamentals of Python programming
  • File operations using Python
  • Working with data types of Python
  • Error and exception management in Python
  • Working with functions in Python
  • Probability distribution in Python
  • Python for Data Visualization
  • Python in Data Manipulation
  • Machine Learning concepts
Learning Outcomes:
  • Overview of Python programming
  • Probability distribution in Python
  • Python for Data Visualization and manipulation
  • Machine Learning concepts
  • Machine Learning types
  • Linear Regression implementation
  • Supervised Learning concepts
  • Implementing different types of Supervised Learning algorithms
  • Evaluating model output
  • Implementing Dimensionality Reduction technique
Learning Outcomes:
  • Strong foundation & understanding on working of Machine Learning systems
  • Learn different algorithms used in machine learning
  • Understand how to work with ML library
  • Work with ML framework Tensorflow
  • Work on different projects during the course like building your own Neural Network, image classification and handwritten digit recognition

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